Close Protection Chauffeur

This service is a new hybrid model which merges the Chauffeur and Close Protection Operative for clients who require that extra vigilance and security presence with added medical assistance.

The close protection Chauffeur is qualified and licensed holding the following:

  • SIA close protection.
  • FREC level 3 first aid.

This role is becoming more popular within the executive industry and is designed to meet the needs of individuals who require a level of security without the incurrence of extra cost or staff.

This blended approach allows the client to remain discreet but with an effective resource which will provide added protection and safety.

The chauffeurs are experienced in the close protection industry and from an armed forces or police background.

The vehicle will hold first aid equipment.

Our current close protection Chauffeurs have 15+ years experience across the globe working with businesses/ private UHNW family’s / sports and recording individuals and artists.

close protection chauffeur
close protection chauffeur